Catching up a backlog is no success concerning content.

Catching up a backlog can give success with regards to speed, connections, end of backlog in sight.

Hoever, concerning content there’s no success in doing.

Content became irrelevant.

Incorrect content received is harder to correct. People don’t remember the details any more. Documents are archived already. Request owners left.

Because of your late action, people (unconsciously) react late too. Like you showing you don’t care, they care neither.

The request turns out to be solved differently. A gift while you just get to finish the request accordingly.

In any backlog case, don’t catch up a backlog with the idea it is useful work. Because it isn’t. Passed time didn’t left much of the original request. You need to catch up for compliance, courtesy and your own honour.

And you do need to catch up for healthy space to do better now, in the near – and in the future. The backlog needs to be handled to fully become an up-to-date business.