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Knowing what’s possible and what’s not for each new request coming in.

Actually, the moment you have a client on the phone, you’ll already know what your organization is able to do when, where, what and by whom.

Knowing what your organization has available and if you need more supplies or capacity.

Be able to ‘see’ rising or diminishing demands for what you offer.

Being able to pinpoint the bottlenecks in your operations. And act upon that. Like adding an explanatory pop-up to your system or a new service to substitute a serie of repetitive manual tasks.

A controlled, up to date financial state. Pay fast because you can and it saves you time and energy, receive fast. No unpleasant surprises financially.

It feels relaxed, no need to hurry, no need to work all day. Just acting upon your rhythm and your sense.

Always a step ahead. Time to listen to clients and colleagues, employees. Knowing what’s a no go and being able to cut or park such immediately.

Open to receive insights, learn, out of your comfort zone, doing something completely else. Healthy space in the business.