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Receiving information and data from a person is a sign that person trusts you or your Organization enough to be vulnerable. Handing over information and data is reaching out for some kind of help and therefore vulnerable.

That’s why it is of utmost important the person as soon as possible experiences you’ve seen him or her. An automated e-mail can help and can’t do it for the full 100%. It is a personal touch somewhere in your reaction that’s need to know you’ve been noticed. And that’s the first receive you can give. The service: we’ve received your message well and saw it.

That’s why reaction immediately with the needed solution is so much fun. If that’s possible.

That’s why choosing and caring out the action as soon as possible is important. The least delay with corresponding space for mistakes or requests becoming irrelevant.

That’s why following up in its pure essence is important. Yes, following up with the message ‘I can’t help you now’, as soon as you have clear you currently can’t, is valued. It helps people to look further, get otherwise creative or look elsewhere. Which isn’t a pity. You’re intention is to serve best. And yes, sometimes serving is being honest you can’t help them with what they need now.

That’s why keeping information and data flow counts for better results. Better connections, more clients and assignments, better financial results.

Because it’s all about establishing and maintaining connections. Getting to know each other, by doing the information and data. Every now and then asking ‘How you’re doing?’ in the moment, when you care. Unconsciously building upon and strengthen the service delivered.