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People who follow up upon what others requested them, are highly appreciated.

Not because they deliver better content.

They are highly appreciated because their clients, consumers and colleagues experience they are noticed. Noticed as a human being.

Therefore they do deliver better quality service.

As a result, they often deliver better content too.

Following up is easier than most people feel it is. Most people hesitate and decide to wait another day or two. After another day or two, nothing changed, still no response.

What people tend to forget is that there’s a human being on the other side. A person who can experience a bad week, a person who accidentally shove your request in the bin, a person who didn’t read you message as something that required action form his or her side, etc. There are so many reasons that have nothing to do with you or the request you’re working on, that can influence receiving a reaction in return yes or no.

It can also be that you’ve delayed your action for such a long time that you unconsciously sent the message ‘Hey, I need your response and I don’t care’.

As well as it can be that you’ve packaged your request for action in too many layers. Too many words, sentences, additional lay-out, ways etc. Instead of directly, to-the-point.

Maybe you should have called.