Reaching out to people

When lately you’ve hesitated to contact, ask or follow up on people,

reach out by: 

# Checking in with your main intention to reach out. No matter the outcome. What’s worth the action? What are you trying to accomplish? Why do you care? 

# Bring the intention to listen to the people you’ve reached out to. No matter the response you’ll get. Or no response at all. Reach out with one clear question. Which makes it easy to respond. 

# Reach out! Ask, invite people. Cherish a split-second awareness that you’ve asked, that you’ve reached out. Because what you do is way more valuable as compared to getting positive responses only. It’s through action that you’ll (learn to) get results. In one way, another or even a 3rd way.

Reach out to people, no matter what. Doing what you can for what you care. While enjoying real connections along the journey.