How people react upon other people’s mistakes makes a difference for many.
For the one making the mistake as well as for the ones present when it happened.

Whenever you make a mistake, and yes, we regularly do, because hey, we’re humans, you’ll know it. Bugger.
But it’s said, done and we can’t turn back time.

When people around you just let you be with your fault for a moment:
don’t rub it in,
keep their mouth shut,
and their posture in the now and near future,
the more likely you won’t make that mistake ever again. Not on purpose for sure.

When you receive some undisturbed time from the people with you,
just for a couple of seconds or a day:
you can let your fault sink in,
learn from it
and do things differently now and in the future.

Every time people think they need to say something about flaws others accidentally committed,
punishing, pinpointing others how they should have behaved or done,
people’s attention shifts from learning… to getting frustrated and angry with the ones who’d done better.
Or worse, shifts from the opportunity to learn… to hide oneself or pleasing their judges.

People who give true space, let you be for the time you need and then just help you get up, lead.
You (unconsciously) know it’s safe to be who you are while they are in charge.
As a consequence, you are getting better in what you do.